10 Hurricane Preparation Safety Tips

Hurricane season brings much anxiety for all but one way to stay calm is staying safe. With climate change, storms can happen almost anywhere however the Caribbean region is the annual highway of several clusters of thunderstorms that suck up the warm moist air and move it high into earth's atmosphere - these are called hurricanes.

Over the years, hurricanes have increased in intensity and so the need for preparation with a focus on safety has become even more important. These powerful systems can cause major destruction and pose threats to structures and systems with the potential to leave behind material and human loss. Securing life and property means being proactive. 

There’s usually a hurricane watch or warning issued to give people time to prepare but we suggest being prepared to support safety, all the time, every time.

Here are 10 Hurricane Preparation Safety Tips:

1. Stock a first aid kit and flashlight with batteries


2. Stock up on Purchase non-perishable items

3. Place all your documents, valuables and clothes in waterproof bags

4. Cut weak branches and trees. Reinforce your doors and windows with wooden panels nailed down. If you do not have shutters bring inside any object that may be blown by the wind and become a dangerous projectile. 


5.In the event of an evacuation notice and you happen to have a pet, transport in a pet carrier.

6. Follow safety instructions on the radio or television. Act quickly activation orders are issued by authorities during the hurricane.

7. Stay inside whenever possible.

8. Unplug all your domestic appliances and switch off the power supply at the main.

9. Inform friends and family about where you’re going if it is that you have to evacuate.

10. If your home happens to be at the bottom of a steep hill or on low ground. Evacuate as soon as possible as this area may be susceptible to flooding. Do not watch and wait, this has resulted in many tragedies with people trying to leave when it is too late. 

We hope that these tips were helpful and will help you feel calmer and more prepared during this hurricane season. Remember, proactivity is key in the event of a natural disaster. 

Take heed and be safe.